Nancy Sisti, LMFT - Psychotherapist - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Spiritual Psychology, also known as Transpersonal Psychology, has been known to inspire profound improvements in the quality of life.

For those of you seeking to connect or orient yourselves in a context of “higher consciousness,” the blending of spirituality with individual psychology may be just the experience you need to have for resolving issues in your life.

Imagine what could happen if you invested faith and hope
in your needs and desires, instead of doubt and despair?
Chances are, you'll see remarkable returns on your investment!

What we choose to believe exerts an extremely powerful influence over the quality of what we experience. In this sense, spirituality is much more personal philosophy than religion. There are many philosophies of life that involve a power greater than ourselves, which can also enlighten each one of us as to just how powerful we are. Learning how to tune into yourself and trust your own voice of “higher” wisdom and guidance can be extremely healing, not just for a current problem, but for the rest of your life.

Faith and hope - instead of doubt and despair – have vastly more beneficial impact on your happiness and well being. To learn more about spiritual psychology and how it can help you, call me today for a private consultation.

Please also read the section entitled “Altered States.”

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