Nancy Sisti, LMFT - Psychotherapist - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Are you involved with someone with NPD – Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

It might be a family member, or business partner, or your lover/spouse.

“Wait, is it me? What am I doing wrong? Should I try harder?”

If you’re asking yourself these questions more often than not in some key
relationship in your life, chances are high that it is definitely NOT you.

A hallmark characteristic of the narcissistic personality is the lack of empathy.

While his or her point of view is expected to be treated by you as overriding and accepted without question, your own experience feels treated in return as incidental, irrelevant, somehow WRONG, or just downright annoying.

Sound all too painfully familiar? Support is available for you.

Let me help you understand if you are in fact dealing with narcissism and if so, how to “hold your own,” which involves strengthening your boundaries and your confidence in yourself.

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