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Anxiety and Depression

I have paired these 2 conditions under one heading because:

  1. they tend to be most prevalent in those seeking therapy and
  2. they can also often interact: where intense, prolonged or chronic depression can lead to anxiety, and where the strain of too much anxiety can generate depression.

In addition, depression and/0r anxiety are very often underlying other troubling circumstances that bring people to therapy, or come about as an ineffective means of coping with some difficult situation such as career or physical health concerns, or significant relationship conflicts.

Anxiety is actually not the same thing as fear...

Whereas fear is the emotional and survival-based response to a real or perceived present threat - a so-called “clear and present danger” - anxiety is the anticipation of some threat imagined in the future. You have probably heard the acronym “false evidence appearing real” (F.E.A.R.) which serves as a good description for anxiety.

A Depression can be acute, as in a period of major depression,
when a stressor(s) or event(s) has impacted you profoundly.

This type of acute depression typically passes within several months. Or you may have a persistent longer-term depression, also known as dysthymia. In both cases, you find yourself struggling to varying degrees with loss of energy and interests, guilt, sadness, and poor self worth.

It is also true that depression or anxiety can be distinct without the other, and it is important in therapy to determine the presence of one or both. I use evaluation measures to help you in making this determination, and then I will support you in a course of treatment to relieve your painful experience of one or both.

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