Nancy Sisti, LMFT - Psychotherapist - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
A broken heart is very hard to mend on your own...

Are you overwhelmed with grief, disillusionment and loss of direction? It’s like life as you’ve known it is dying as your relationship is coming to an end, and it’s even harder to cope because you can’t really
put your life on hold as you might with some crippling physical condition. Are you afraid you don’t have enough energy left over to handle anything else?

Have you heard the song “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”?
It’s no jukebox jingle when you’re literally feeling broken.
Your emotional heartbreak is as real as any physical wounding.

Many of us have been there. If you’re seeking support for divorce/breaking up or you’re hurting from a relationship that’s over, let me help to show you how this is actually a well-traveled trail that can bring you to where you want and need to be.

Did you know that statistics show people who use therapy have a smoother time with their divorce process?

Research suggests that couples are as likely to seek therapy for breaking up as for staying together, although they aren’t necessarily able to identify this at first.

Whether you stay together or come apart, therapy can bring your relationship to light as extremely powerful personal growth.

Intimate relationships are wonderful...

They can be with a romantic partner, close friend, siblings, or a parent. When all is well relationships are the highlight of your life. You are on an emotional high that brings great pleasure and satisfaction to your life.

Relationship is a dialogue, and conflict is inevitable.
How you handle the conflict makes all the difference.
Through the light of awareness, I can help you keep
your dialogue open and continuous.

When these same relationships begin to fall apart what should you do? One or both parties may have conflicting feelings of love and hate, certainty and doubt. This in turn can cause a lot of emotional pain and suffering. When these conflicts occur it can be very difficult to resolve them on your own. Left untreated, an unhappy relationship may continue for weeks, months or even years. Problems in a relationship also manifest themselves as physical and emotional symptoms. Getting professional help will offer new perspective and illumination into your painful situation. Through this newly gained insight, you can re-establish peace and harmony in your relationship and in your life.

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